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Able Example

“Shortly after the close of the Civil War, a black man entered a fashionable Church in Richmond, VA, one Sunday morning at the beginning of a communion service. When the time came, he walked down the aisle and knelt at the altar. A rustle of shock and anger swept through the congregation. A distinguished gentleman […]

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Add Years to Your Life

My wife and I were helping our oldest son Colin and his love Stef move into their new place. The couch was never going to fit through the doorway. How did I know? Simple. The doorway was 28 inches wide and the couch was 38 inches wide. I measured it. I am after all 52 […]

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How To GET and KEEP Your Dream Job!

In a Keynote to a University Sports Banquet recently, I talked about something every graduate wants to know about: How to Get and Keep Your Dream Job! Here is what what I told the students and coaches. Feel free to pass it on to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I wish someone had handed […]

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