Tailored Consulting

When you're looking for rapid results, Mark Matteson’s “Pinnacle Performance” tools can help you improve...

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Freedom from Fear

The story of one man’s discovery of simple truths that lead to wealth, joy and peace of mind.

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12/11/12 Special Report

I recently attended a 2-day seminar put on my good friend and fellow international speaker and best selling author pal, Patrick Snow. He is a Publishing Coach and Expert on Writing, Marketing and Selling Self- Published Books. As I was going over my notes in my journal from the seminar, it occurred to me...

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Praise for Freedom From Fear

"Every couple years I re-listen to Randy Paunch’s, The Last Lecture. Randy, a well-loved college professor in the prime of life, happily married with three young children succumbed to pancreatic cancer. Just before he died he offered the gift of a “Last Lecture” for his college, family and friends..."

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