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Don’t Be a Door Mat

It’s summer time in beautiful Lake Chelan, WA. This sleepy little burg of 6,000 full time residents comes alive like Peter Frampton’s 1976 album. 250,000 people converge on this 55-mile long lakefront community from May to October. My wife and I spend as much time as we can here in the summer. With every rose comes […]

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Independence Means Choices

Most people I talk to don’t love their work. It’s a job. I have one friend who has been with the Post Office for 35 years and hates her job, always has. She can’t wait to retire to do something else. Wow. A 35-year self-imposed prison sentence. It’s the 4th of July. Independence Day. To […]

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Common Sense Ain’t So Common

Years ago I read a biography on Will Rogers. His rise to fame and fortune was astonishing. He died too soon. Like Mark Twain, he had a way with words. His quotes were pithy and poignant. Here are some of my favorites: When someone else blows your horn, it travels twice as far. If you […]

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