A Check Up from the Neck Up?

Recently I was assisting a friend clarify her goals on paper, 3 x 5 cards. We listed WHAT she wanted to achieve in 2011. Five goals. We prioritized them. We chose ONE GOAL that was most important and re-wrote in personal, positive, present tense, powerful language. We listed ten reasons WHY she wanted them. “Read that goal every day, at least five times a day,” I suggested. We talked about reading books in alignment with her goals, investing in seminars and workshops both personal and professional and of course, keeping a journal. “We become what we think about,” I said with a very serious tone.

What do YOU want to have happen in 2011? When was the last time you had a “Check up from the neck up?” What are your top five goals for 2011? What books will you read? Do you have a journal? Are you investing in your own personal development?
“The company won’t pay for it!” I use to say…then I realized, “I am the president of my own service company!” I was 32 years old when THAT light came on. I stopped complaining, blaming and explaining. I took personal responsibility for my life. I told my friend, “It’s not your husband, children, company, the economy, or friends that are holding you back. It’s YOU!”

Forget New Years Resolutions. Set your goals down on paper. Do you want to get fit? Increase your income? Be a better parent? Finish your degree? Get that promotion? Start a business? Write it down! Look at it every day. List the reasons you want it. Read. Think. Study. Observe. Listen.
It’s “A Check Up from the Neck Up”

Merry Christmas and here’s wishing you the best year you ever had! “I am making a MARK no one can erase in 2011!” What will YOU do?

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