A Different Kind of Teacher PART TWO

Declarations are a simple way to assimilate the positive precepts into your life and make them your own. Below are the 13 Habits that will change your life for good. Read each one two to five times a day for a week and then move to the next one. At the end of the year, you have gone through each one four times. Ben Franklin taught this simple strategy in his autobiography, perhaps the first self-help book ever written in this country. It worked for Ben. Maybe it will work for me and you?

I choose to be HAPPY today! I am as happy as I make my mind up to be. I make gratitude lists regularly. I love my life.

I dominate the LISTENING in every conversation. I listen, pause, question and paraphrase. “Yes and then what happened…?” is a favorite phrase of mine.

I SMILE twice an hour, 24 times a day! I am quick to Laugh. Joy and gratitude are habits of thought and feeling today.

I look for ways to humbly SERVE others every day.

I ACCEPT people, place and things as being exactly the way they are supposed to be. I love people and life.

I look SHARP and dress well. I have self-respect.

I take personal RESPONSIBILITY for all of my actions and decisions. When I am wrong I promptly admit it and move on.

I enjoy a POSITIVE outlook on life. I am an Optimist.

I FORGIVE others easily and quickly.


I PRAISE others consistently every day. I am a GOOD finder!

I use SELF-EFFACING Humor and others feel safe around me.

I am FIT at Fifty Four. I eat small portions, quality food and exercise 6x a week. I love to workout.

Mark Matteson, Author, Speaker


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