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EGIA Will Pay For Contractor Training

EGIA is a non-profit. As a non-profit their goals are to put your success and profits first, not theirs (what a concept)! What this means is that EGIA is willing to offer the programs we created last week to contractors for the cost of hosting them. EGIA has put a comprehensive, yet value priced education and training platform together to help contractors fight Goliath.

SO HERE IS WHAT EGIA AGREED TO DO: For every dollar a contractor puts towards training, EGIA will match it dollar for dollar. And to sweeten the pot, EGIA agreed to offer a bonus Training Savings Account credit of $2,000 to any contractor who joined EGIA’s Premium Membership by December 31, 2016. Here’s what that means to you. Suppose over the next 6 months you put $500 per month in your EGIA “Training Savings Account” for a total of $3,000. EGIA would match that with another $3,000 PLUS put another $2,000 in the account to get you started. That’s $8,000 available to you (and other key members of your company) to attend the regional training events of your choice for only $3,000.

And if that isn’t enough of an incentive, during the event last week, EGIA added this… any company that becomes a Premium Member can bring 3 people to their Contractor University Conference at the Del Coronado Resort in San Diego at NO CHARGE AND they’ll COVER ONE OF YOUR HOTEL ROOMS FOR TWO NIGHTS AT THE RESORT.” That may not be FREE but it’s pretty close!