Ep.16 – Michael Angelo Caruso

Michael Angelo Caruso teaches people how to be better speakers and presenters so they can help more people and amp up their careers.

He utilizes his unique background in the technology sector and a separate career in the entertainment business to deliver keynote speeches that feel like a combination of your best teacher and your favorite comedian.

Michael delivers about 70 presentations and keynote speeches a year.  He has spoken on five continents and in 49 of the 50 states.

Michael is known for getting extremely fast results with his clients.  He can make anyone a better communicator and regularly demonstrates his effective communication strategies by helping audience members improve during his presentation.

Caruso is founder and President of Edison House, an international consulting firm specializing in corporate and personal improvement.  Edison House clients include Hallmark, Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, Rayovac, Citgo, Nissan and the United States Navy.

Michael has authored Work Hacks, the audiobook, Dear Michael Angelo — A Father’s Life Letters to His Son and the Present Like a Pro DVD.  All are available at www.MichaelAngeloCaruso.com.  He also has a highly-rated  online speaker coaching masterclass titled, Present Like a Pro.

A lifetime Rotarian, Michael loves giving back.  He enjoys exercise, movies, non-fiction books and travel.

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