Ep.25 – Jason Liller

After serving in the US Air Force during the First Gulf War, Jason Liller made the fateful decision to visit his local bookstore and ask for a job, beginning a thirty-year odyssey of bookselling, publishing, writing, and editing.

Recruited by the legendary Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Jason spent almost twenty years helping run his publishing company, Executive Books. Today, Jason continues his mission to help people get their ideas into print. He’s worked with New York Times bestselling authors like Ken Blanchard, Bob Burg, Mark Sanborn, and Jim Stovall, and he’s turned first-draft manuscripts into fully realized books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. One was even adapted into a major motion picture. He edits, rewrites, hashes out, pulls apart, and puts back together; turning stream-of-consciousness spaghetti into literary lasagna; working with everyone from promising first-time writers to well-known New York Times bestselling authors.

Jason is the coauthor of Write That Book: The No-Nonsense Guide to Writing, Publishing, and Selling Your Book and is the editor or ghostwriter of many more.

Jason lives with his family in a home stockpiled with caffeine, dog treats, two cockatiels (free to a good home—get in touch; we’ll talk), and zillions of books.

Learn more about Jason here: https://www.lillercreative.com/

Learn more about Stone Soup Group here: https://stonesoupgroup.net/

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