Ep.37 – Kevin (Arthur) Thomas

Kevin was born as a young child to Don & Audrey. Don & Audrey then had three daughters, so it was Kevin and Dad against the four women. That is where he got his sensitive side. He really started enjoying taking things apart when he finally was able to put them back together and they worked!

He always did well in school classes like wood shop, drafting and bachelor living (guys home economics).  So began his journey to learn a little about a lot and fix what did not work. General Manger is a good description for his professional journey.

Along the way, chasing moose out of his backyard in Anchorage, welding a dock board in Fairbanks at 18 below zero, remodeling too many rooms/houses to remember, birthing a baby alpaca that was “stuck”, programming over 150 thousand Christmas lights to music and teaching his former co-workers to solder a LED Christmas decoration. His best accomplishment is being married to the same awesome woman for over 36 years and having two great sons.

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