Ep.42 – Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee is the General Manager, Schneller Knochelmann Plumbing, Heating, and Air (Longest Name in the industry)😊

He’s been in the industry for 9 years, started as a maintenance technician, moved into the role of comfort advisor, sales manager, and for last 4 years have been the General Manager.

Since being promoted to the GM the business has found much success in the growth and profitability through an explosion of sales and team members helping customers day in day out.

Married to Bianca Lee, Has 3 beautiful children Hunter, Maverick, and Norah who he loves and support.

Currently finishing up with writing his first book, maybe “The Other Side”, sharing a message of hope and that no matter what, never giving up, always moving forward, always put one foot in front of the other. My mother calls it, Always landing on your feet, I call it the Other Side of Life.

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