Ep.70 – Denise Logan

An award-winning professional speaker and author of The Seller’s Journey: A Business Fable about Navigating the Emotional Obstacles to Selling Your Business. Denise knows that, to an owner, selling their business is so much more than just a transaction. To them, it is an emotionally fraught period of transition, filled with unexpected highs and lows, with no clear vision of what waits at the end for them and their family. Known as The Seller Whisperer, she draws upon a twenty-year body of work focused on the intersection of work, money, and meaning and how it is reflected in the legacies of today’s business leaders. As a frequent commentator on the subjects of business succession planning, transition and legacy, Denise helps her audiences transform the unspoken longing that lies within life and leadership and with which today’s leaders are silently grappling.

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