Ep.8 – Potential and Awareness


Just what exactly are you capable of?  Are you manifesting all that is in you?  If we are honest with ourselves, the answer, for most of us, is no.  Potential is like an iceberg.  90% of it is unseen. The world only sees 10% or less.  Margaret Mead once said, “Most human beings operate on less than 5% of their potential.  Let’s see if we can push your iceberg a little higher above the waterline for all the world to see.


How good are you at your present job?  What percentage of effectiveness are you operating at currently? I am constantly amazed how stupid I was two years ago and the cycle keeps repeating.  When we have a shift in awareness, everything changes.  I was a better parent when our second son came along.  Why?  Experience.  As parents we do the best job we can until our awareness changes.  So just what are the factors that affect our current awareness?

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