First We Form Habits, Then They Form Us

In social situations do you dominate the talking or listening?
Have you developed the habit of asking questions?

This Thanksgiving, I eavesdropped on conversations around the table. I made mental notes about each person at the table. Who was talking, who was listening? Who talked about themselves incessantly and who was OTHER-Centered and focused on listening to the stranger next to them? It was interesting. I believe your habits when you are not working affect your work. Think about it. Who are you when you are not working?

I love to ask a question, sit back and listen. I never learn anything when I am talking! I used to worry about whether I would get to talk. Now I don’t care. Hey, I talk for a living. It’s kind of nice to rest my vocal chords.

My wife is a natural listener. She is genuinely interested in others. Watching her navigate through a social setting, she has a SERVICE first attitude. People love her. She asks if she can help and then does with little fanfare. Its a habit. Along the way she asks questions and listens. Everyone that meets her just loves her. She cares. It shows.

First we form habits then they form us.

Are you Grateful on a daily basis?
Do you read a book in alignment with your goals daily?
Do you keep a journal and get from the day (not just through it?)
Do you dominate the listening?
Do you follow up with leads and build relationships right away?
Are you building your base of contacts daily?
Do you lead with service to others?

One of my mentors was Earl Nightingale. Google him some time and get ready to learn. He was a pioneer in Personal Development. Invest in a copy of “The Strangest Secret” You will be glad you did.

He once wrote: “We will receive not what we idly wish for but what justly earn. Our rewards in life will be in exact proportion to our service (to others).”

I have got to go help my wife with dishes…and listen!

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