Good For You!

When I was a kid, if some other person achieved some measure of success or notoriety, more often than not, I was jealous. Sometimes I would even say, “He cheated” or “He just got lucky!” It never made me feel any better. I deluded myself into thinking somehow I was morally superior. Sad.

My new favorite phrase is “GOOD FOR YOU!” It always makes me feel great. There is an old proverb that says: “You can’t give someone sweet smelling flowers without getting some of the good smell on yourself.” GOOD FOR YOU! I say it with great enthusiasm. I say it with great joy. I say it with great sincerity. I say it often. In fact, I say every chance I get.

Have you ever heard someone tell their dog “Good boy!” and watch the response of the delighted K-9? He wags his tail, smiles a toothy grin and generally makes everyone else in the room feel good too. Why don’t we say that word “Good” more often?

  • “Good job in your game today son!”
  • “Good meal honey, the sauce is amazing.”
  • “Good job on that report, I loved the detail. You really went the extra mile.”
  • Praise pays. Words trigger pictures and bring about emotion. As long as I can remember, I told my sons, “Your future is so bright, it burns my eyes to look at it. You will go so much farther than I ever did in school, sports and business.” Every week, same phrase. I consistently predicted great things for them. Whenever they made progress, I said “Good job son. I am proud of you.” I still do. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. One son is playing professional basketball in Australia. The youngest just led his team to the conference and tournament championship and was selected 2nd Team All Conference. Would it have happened without those words? Perhaps. I do know most of Evan’s AAU Teammates from his 6th grade national team, only 3/12 are playing in college still. Evan, Glen and Reggie.

    The next time a friend, colleague, boss, wife/husband, child does something noteworthy, smile, look at them right in the eye and exclaim loudly and great enthusiasm “Good for you!” and watch their response.

    It’s so much better than “He got lucky”.


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