Old Light Through New Windows

In Old Light Through New Windows, bestselling author Mark Matteson asks fifty-two questions that shape our thinking, revealing how personal and organizational problems can be traced to the kinds of questions we ask ourselves and our organizations every day:

• Why have I had so much (or so little) success?
• What do I do that my competition doesn’t do?
• What books should I read?
• What seminars should I attend?
• Who had the biggest impact on my upbringing?
• What advice would I offer someone just starting out?
• How do I handle setbacks and adversity?
• What do I want people to know about me?
• What is the most important business lesson I’ve learned?
• How do I want to be remembered?

Mark has been interviewing successful people since the eighth grade when he was cut from his junior-high basketball team. He seeks those who have proven themselves in their fields: mentors. And he asks one essential question: How did you get so good at what you do?

In Old Light Through New Windows, Mark Matteson takes what he’s learned and asks you the questions that stimulate thinking and inspire ac-tion, the questions that lead to change, growth, and a better version of yourself.