Interviews Should Be Planned In Advance

I am going to be interviewed for a Podcast next week. The questions were sent to me in advance. Here they are:

“Before we start, why don’t you share a little about your background.

1. You’ve just finished a new book, called “A Simple Choice.” What’s this book all about?

2. When you write books, you embed lessons in a story. Why do you write that way?

3. You write inspiration books and give inspirational speeches. Where do you go to get your inspiration?”

I have a chance to think about and create my answers. When you watch a TV show or Radio Interview, they are NOT just winging it. It’s planned. Leno, Oprah, Rose. It’s scripted and then improv plays a part.

Anthony Hopkins, my favorite actor, reads every script 250 times before he ever steps in front of the camera. “We have scripts to memorize so when the lights come on, we can do what we are paid to do…ACT!”

Do you have a script for your next sales call? Do you have it memorized? Okay maybe not read 250 times, buy do you at least have a “Cheat Sheet” to glance at during the call? Are they sequenced and logical? Are they planned?

Every thing I have ever sold, I created a script of well thought out, open ended questions. Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem to teach his 12-Year old son the power of open ended quetions: “There are six honest serving men, they taught me all I knew. There names were WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW and WHO!” Open ended questions, well planned, create a flow of information in a logical manner.

What if you planned your set of questions, memorized them and did a little role-playing? I wonder how it would go? Better than what you have been doing? What if 2010 was your best year yet?

Gotta go. I have some questions to answer! The podcast calls…

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