It’s About TIME!

My newest e-book It’s About TIME! is now available on my website bookstore. Here is an excerpt from it:

This book is about living your life with no regret. It is about eliminating the IF ONLY I HAD’s in your life. If you follow the suggestions, you will live a full and rich life and accomplish twice as much in half the time. You will have realized that vast potential within you. We have all the time there is. No one has any more or less of it: 24 hours in a day, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds. Ever hear someone say Do you have a second? That usually means an hour. Why don’t we say no? The truth is we don’t manage time very well. We are not mindful. We manage activities in relation to the sands of time, dropping through our own personal hourglass.

No time? That’s a myth. Here are some other myths about time. I call them Rational Lies. See if you are guilty of using one or more of these excuses. I know I have.

1.I am waiting until I have more time.
2.It (planning) doesn’t work for me.
3.I always lose my list.
4.I already took a time management course (or read the book).
5.You just can’t get organized around here.
6.But there is nothing I can do.
7.People keep interrupting me.
8.Time Management is boring.
9.Isn’t there a danger you will get so organized you can’t get anything done?
10. I need someone to motivate me.

Is it time to be honest? Are you operating on a small fraction of your potential? Would you like to learn how to get twice as much done in half the time? If you answered yes, read on…

My mother passed away two years ago. Her sand was all gone. She was one of the best time managers I ever knew. We finally sold her house. As we divided up her lifetime of possessions, I was struck by how incredibly organized she was in every aspect of her life: finances, closets, book shelf, scrapbooks and pictures, even her kitchen. She labeled everything! It was clear much of what she owned reflected how proud she was of her history, British history, family history, the things she loved and cared about. Her home was a shrine to a life well lived and traveled. Some of those treasured belongings ended up in my house.

Now I had nine pounds of coffee in a five pound can. What to do? I had INSPIRATIONAL DISSATISFACTION. I sat down and mind-mapped this massive project. I decided to go through every room, closet, nook, cranny, and shelf to purge, sort, toss, and clean. In reorganizing my bookshelf, I created a shelf just for books on time management and organization. I went back and reread some classics on the subject, choosing the best of the twenty-five books on the subject. It was a reminder of the things I used to do, but got out of the habit of doing. Good habits are hard to form, but easy to live with.

I will post more from it next week…until then, “Is it about time you improved your effectiveness?

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