No, I am not Dead, I Took a Blog Sabbatical

“Snake Pliskin, I thought you were dead!” It’s a callback, a reoccurring line from one of my favorite guilty pleasures, the campy movie starring Kurt Russell, “Escape from New York. No, I am not dead. I took a blog sabbatical. It’s been ten months since my last blog post. A few people asked me why the silence? A few lame excuses come to mind but not one good reason. Here are the excuses:

1) My mother passed away
2) I have been Tweeting and posting on LinkedIn every day
3) Isn’t my monthly e-zine enough writing for crying out loud?
4) I wrote a new book Wag More, Bark Even Less
5) I wrote a new e-book It’s About TIME (HOW TO GET TWICE AS MUCH DONE IN HALF THE TIME!)
6) I have been busy traveling abroad speaking.
7) Not enough people are reading my blog.
8) I have this hang nail….
9) I am a lazy blogger.
10) I traveled around the country watching my youngest son play BB for his senior year of college.

Not one good reason. Time to follow my own advice. “It’s About TIME” Reading my new friend Kevin Knebl’s terrific book “The Social Media Sales Revolution” particularly the chapter on Blogging kick me in the butt. No more excuses. I will post weekly until I die. Honest.

What are my REASONS for blogging? They might be your reasons too! Here they are:

1) It’s easy. I write in my journal every day, why not do it online too?
2) People seem to like what I write.
3) I love to talk (hey I am a professional speaker!) I talk like I write.
4) I love to write about the things I am passionate about and do for my clients (Sales, Marketing, Communication, Relationships, Leadership, Learning, Team Building, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, Time Management, Personal Development, Humor/Comedy/Improv and Basketball)
5)I would like to believe I have something to say and do so pretty well.

Five Reasons is a good start. GIMME FIVE MAN! What are your reasons to Blog? Did you know there are 120 million bloggers but only 7.4% have updated their blog in the last 90-days! It’s like a gym membership, thousands of members, only a few show up with great regularity! It’s the 80/20 rule, Pareto’s Law. How many people do you know that have a Bowflex machine that is the most expensive coat hanger in their bedroom? Enough talk. It’s time for action. But first, I think I’ll watch “Escape From New York” tonight. Spoiler alert! Kurt Russell does’t die!

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