Praise for Freedom From Fear

“Every couple years I re-listen to Randy Paunch’s, The Last Lecture. Randy, a well-loved college professor in the prime of life, happily married with three young children succumbed to pancreatic cancer. Just before he died he offered the gift of a “Last Lecture” for his college, family and friends. It’s a compilation of gleanings he wanted to pass along. One of the chapters is titled something like “Go ahead and repeat all those old sayings. For the new generation, they are new sayings!” That title’s philosophy is how I experienced Mark Matteson’s book, Freedom From Fear. It seemed Mark gathered up in a bundle all the wisdom of the ages and crafted a story in which to impart the timeless knowledge. A strong emotion of caring permeates the book and the reader senses that Mark cares deeply for humanity. The story offers many different scenarios, meets people in many stages of life, and offers opportunities for perspective and choice re-evaluation. How much better if we could learn the lessons via a book than in the midst of the challenges of living life!

I’ve heard Mark give two presentations- and both times I have been impressed with his approachable and forthright manner. I believe this book, The Freedom From Fear is Mark’s desire to communicate the best choices in life to his readers.”

  • Kizzie Jones, Author of How Dachshunds Came to Be: A Tall Tale About a Short Long Dog