That Time of the Year

Business slows to a crawl this time of the year. Holiday parties, family gatherings, vacations headed south. Hey, I am leaving for Hawaii tomorrow for nine days! What to do if your prospects are not returning your calls or emails? How can you still be effective? Here is a short list of professional and personal activities that will make you more productive in the new year:

Professional Action Items:

  • Organize your desk, files or computer
  • Write an e-newsletter to thank your customers
  • Send handwritten thank you notes to your customers
  • Take clients, co-workers, or your team to lunch and say thank you
  • Read a good business book in alignment with your goals
  • Write down all your WINS from this last year
  • Enroll in a seminar or workshop to sharpen your communication skills
  • Personal Action Items:

  • Join a gym and hire a fitness trainer
  • Take a college class to learn how to play the piano, paint, weld, photography, etc.
  • Schedule a foot massage
  • Go to a comedy club with the friends you have that love to laugh
  • Go hit a bucket of balls at the driving range (or tennis)
  • Plan a family reunion
  • Go visit your favorite teacher from college or high school and thank them
  • Rent a ride in a hot air ballon
  • Get caught up on all the magazines you didn’t read this year
  • Join a self-help group (Weight Watchers, AA, Al-Anon, Toastmasters)
  • Take a train ride to another state and bring your camera
  • Invest in journal and list all your notable accomplishments going all the way back to first grade!
  • Do something you thought you were too old to do (skydive, surf, jet-ski, white water rafting) Create your “Bucket List”
  • I do this every month. It has changed my life and helped me appreciate the little things that I miss when I flying all over the world. It matters. It’s that time of the year. Go for it!

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