The TWO Big Questions

When my children were young (ages 4 and 8), I asked them two big questions before they drifted off to sleep each night. After we read a book and said our prayers, I asked:
1) What was the most fun you had today?
2) What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

The first question demands they use their memory. It forced them to reflect, a skill most people never develop. The second question demands they use imagination. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Standing alone, the questions are important. When combined, they form a foundation for growth, wisdom and confidence that is powerful and inspiring.

After every presentation I conduct around the world, I ask myself those two questions in my journal. What if you asked that question after every sales call? What if you asked that question at the end of every week, month, quarter or year?

I have been going back over the four journals I filled up this year asking myself, “What did I LEARN this year?” and “What am I LOOKING FORWARD TO this next year? I wrote out Ten Goals for 2013. WHAT leads to WHY and then to HOW MUCH by WHEN?

It’s a great habit. Now is the time of year we reflect and imagine. What are you looking forward to? Did you know, 96% of the population doesn’t have written goals? Is it time to move into that rare 4% that does?

Make it a great year, the best is yet to come…if you ask.

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