It’s About TIME

How to get twice as much done in half the time. Learn to do first things first, one thing at a time and finish what you start. What is the best and highest use of your time? Based on Mark’s new book of the same name.

The 10 Commandments of Great Managers

Principles and natural laws are timeless. Just what are the ten habits of effective managers? Learn these simple (not easy) principles to transform your team’s effectiveness, morale and productivity.

Sales Success Strategies

Just what do the very best sales professionals do? Learn the common denominators of sales success. How would you like to consistently enjoy a 75% close ratio and become the top producer in your company or region?

Customer Service Excellence

The purpose of business is get and keep customers. Learn how to lower churn, deal with angry customers and keep more of the clients you have worked so hard to earn. What if you kept more of the business you have?

Presenting Like a Pro

Did you know the number one fear men have is public speaking? Learn how to bolster your confidence in front of a group, tell a great story to make a point, use humor (the right kind) for effect and much more.

Freedom from Fear

Would you like to learn how to change? What do you need to learn to do to go from here to there? Learn how to become a goal achiever, stretch comfort zones and improve your attitude. Based on the international best selling book of the same name. This seminar will change your life both personally and professionally.

Team and Trust Building

Would you like to learn how To Build A Dynamic, Effective, Team and Raise Morale and Productivity Based On Trust And Enhanced Relationships? Soar with strengths. Focus on similarities instead of differences.

Front Line Leadership

What if your Technicians, Counter Sales People, Warehouse Employees learned what is important to your customers? Interactive, straightforward, simple tools that work.