What Got You HERE Won’t Take You THERE!

New Years Resolution don’t work. There, I said it and I am glad. We need to wake up! According to Newsweek December 24, 2012 article by Oliver Burkeman, “89% of American set Resolutions and only 49% are successful in achieving them six months later!” It’s a trap called “Fresh-Startism”. (This time it will be different.) Rubbish! It’s a wish. I ask people every day, what is your goal for this year? When they tell me it’s usually a vague wish like “Make more money” or “Get in shape”. 90% of the time, its not specific, it’s in their head and NOT on paper. What did you do to get HERE in 2012? (20# overweight) Whatever that was won’t take you THERE in 2013. What do you need to START doing that you didn’t do in 2012? What do you need to STOP doing?

Jerry Seinfeld early in his comedy career determined he needed to write jokes every day to be successful in the long term. He adopted a PROCESS GOAL METHOD. Each day he wrote new material he put an X on a wall calendar on the days he wrote new jokes. “The only goal for me was to not break the chain of X’s!” he said years later. It’s a mechanical and non-intimidating target that demands two things: Persistence and discipline.

Want to lose 20# in 2013 and keep it off? START walking every day, 20-30 minutes. START eating smaller portions of right kind of food (carrots instead of fries). You don’t need to join a Gym, just walk. Fall on the floor and do as many pushups as you can. How many did you do? Seven? Great. Next week, do eight. The week after, do nine. Forget Resolutions. Set written and important goals instead. WHAT leads to WHY, then to HOW much by WHEN? “I feel great at 188! I am proud of my 34” waist by July 4, 2013! I love to workout 6-days a week, every week!” Now THAT is a goal. Measurable progress in reasonable time.

What can you do? What will you do? Keep it simple. Walk, eat right in small portions (the palm of your hand is one meal) and persist. Do it every day, first thing in the morning. Track your progress. Get an accountability partner. Read everything you can find on wellness. I lost 50# and 10” off my waist in an 18 month period and kept it off. You can too. Nike was right, just do it. You will be so glad you did. I know I am. There is no better feeling than drilling a hole in your belt or having someone you haven’t seen for a while tell you that you look great. You only need one good reason to motivate you. Future Grandkids? Proving someone wrong? A high school reunion? As long as it’s your reason! Here to there. Start and stop. Simple not easy.

The goal is to not break the chain of X’s. Thanks Jerry, LA, LA, LA…

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