Hold and Advance

Prior to the great Depression, an 800 pound gorilla ruled the cereal jungle….Post. Launched in 1897, Post Grape-Nuts dominated the marketplace leading up to 1929. Then the crash. As the Great Depression tightened its grip, that gorilla dropped its bananas. They were cash hungry. In a move that can only be described as a cautionary tale, they cut back on their training, marketing and advertising budget. In short, they retreated.

Another animal lurked in the shadows with sharp claws. The company? Kelloggs. (Their future mascot would indeed be “Tony the Tiger” but not for a couple of decades). While Post retreated Kelloggs advanced. In 1933, they created motivational mantras with sticky words like: “Snap, Crackle, and Pop!” and “You’ll FEEL better!” They doubled their ad spend. The investment paid off. Americans loved the message and sales took off.

Steve, a client and good friend of mine recently told me at a trade show where I was speaking; “We decided not to participate in the recession. He announced that to his wife 18 months ago. Then he “Advanced!” He changed his attitude, doubled his efforts, doubled his ad spending and guess what? He is having the best year he has ever had. Business is up 31%!!!

Instead of COMPLAIN>>>>>>REFRAIN!
Instead of RETREAT>>>>>>>ADVANCE!

Gather your team together with a flip chart and 3 x 5 cards and ask some great questions at a lunch and learn once a week or once a month….buy some pizza, lock the door for 90 minutes and ask the people you serve for ideas! Send me an email, I will give you some ideas. Get me on the phone, I will do a FREE teleconference (only one!) Hold an Advance. Do some Gorilla-Marketing!!! You enjoy the bananas you find! Is that a tiger across the street?

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