Share Your WINS and Double Your Positive Emotions (Share Your Fears and Cut Them in Half)

One of my greatest teachers taught me a simple principle. “When you share your WINS you double your positive emotions. Conversely when you share your fears or challenges, you cut them in half.” Simple. Rare. Why donʼt most people do this?

Women are smarter than men. They process all the things that are going on in their life. They talk about everything. I believe itʼs one of the reasons women live longer than men. Men, well, we keep them bottled up inside. Why? Habit, comfort zones, fear of criticism, the list goes on.

Recently the top three sales superstars from three different companies, one in Canada, one in Texas and one in California sent me emails sharing their wins with me. To paraphrase their feedback, “I followed your advice and closed a million dollar deal!” My response? “Good for you! Way to go! You rock dude!” (To the California guy). My response made us both feel good. Everyone you meet is looking for three things. Appreciation, Respect and Understanding. (A.R.U.) We never tire of positive feedback regardless of age, gender, position.

I recently spoke to 900 freshman at a University in Texas. The response was over the top. They loved the combination of humor, interaction, solid content and relevant, tailored approach. At lunch I met with the heads of the various departments for a brainstorming lunch. At the end of the day, I reflected upon how much I learned from these 19 year olds and wrote in my journal, “I am never too old to learn and they are never too young to teach.” Later that day, I worked out with the President of the University in their weight room. As we were leaving, I said, “You look great. You have completely changed your physique. Keep it up.” He beamed.

The next time you close a large deal, achieve a goal, watch your child hit the winning basket, lose those extra pounds, write it down. Capture the WIN. Share it with someone that cares. You will build your confidence and inspire others to raise their own bar. Call or email me. What you will hear is “Good for you!” It will double your positive emotions. It will make my day. Now where did I put that journal?

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