The Greatest Salesman in the World?

His name is Joe Girard. He was born in the ghettos of Detroit. He started out as a shoeshine boy, then newspaper delivery boy, then assembling stoves. He eventually began building homes. That business failed. His father told him he would never amount to anything. At thirty five, he was married, had two kids and took a job selling Chevrolet’s on commission. For the first year, he almost starved to death. He was about ready to quit the car business. He had failed. Then one day, he stumbled on the simple idea. Know what you want, write it down and commit yourself to accomplishing it!

He used to give his business card to his customers with the customer’s name on the back. Anytime a new customer comes in with an old customer’s name on his card, the old customer gets $25 as a thank you. In one year he mailed out $14,000! (in 1975)

At football games, whenever his hometown team scored a touchdown, he would throw 100 business cards up in the air!

From that magic day he committed himself to success, everything changed. From 1963 to 1978 he sold more cars one-to-one than anyone in the history of automobile retail sales. His best day? 18 cars sold in 24 hours. His best month? 174 cars sold. His best year? 1425! A Guiness World Record!

He retired in 1978 to write books and speak. His books and tapes have sold over 8 million copies. I guess his father was wrong.

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